Bienvenido to our Natural Intimacy website where you can learn all about our wonderfully luxurious personal care products.

Our initial range has launched with our natural sponges. Sustainably harvested by trained divers these natural sponges can enhance your skincare routine, pamper your newborn's delicate skin, care for the most intimate parts of your body or just give a stronger lather to a deep cleansing bath.

The sponges are selected for quality, treated and cleaned and then hand cut before final grading and quality control allows them to be packaged and shipped out for our customers.

Our quality control process is really quite rigorous, such that we reject a large amount of sponges which although are good, just aren't the best for our brand. Most of these are passed to a local NGO network which includes them alongside baby care products, handed out to families who are struggling economically.

Sponges come in all shapes and sizes, there are different species and different varieties. We have spent many working days slumped in hot tubs testing to identify the best bath sponges. We have exfoliated our facial skin with so many different sponges that we not only have lovely, glowing skin but we know hands down which sponge works best. And our children (most of us are parents with young children) have overcome some awkward sensitive skin issues since switching to sea sponges and natural soaps in the bath tub.

We've done the research, the trial and error testing, we've made the bad buys and we've been caught out with badly sized, poor quality sponges so that you don't need to. In short, we have the definitive sponge products ready for you to order, today.










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